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A Bridal Session at Lenoir-Rhyne

Marianna Bridal

A magazine shoot. That’s how I would describe Marianna’s bridal session.

Her fiery red hair and stunning blue eyes were captivating as she led us around Lenoir-Ryhne, her Alma Mater, for her two hour bridal session. It was a gorgeous location which held a great deal of meaning for her.

Marianna Bridal

We would walk a bit, then shoot. Walk a bit further and shoot some more, and all because we couldn’t see not taking advantage of such a gorgeous bride at such a stunning location. I even think there were times we had Marianna sit for an extended period while we made sure to get her best angle from every direction. Then again, every angle was her best angle!

Marianna Bridal

We laughed and talked the entire time. I (Joshuah) tripped, and almost fell flat on my face off a bench I was standing on. We laughed some more at that, but sometimes you do what you need to get the best photos!

Marianna Bridal

Marianna was a natural. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better model.

Marianna Bridal

I mean honestly, look at that smile. Beauty and talent! Her fiance’ is one lucky guy!

Marianna Bridal

Congratulations Marianna!

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