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The funny thing about hope is, it spreads like glitter. 


Greensboro Winston-Salem Photographer

Hope Is Like Glitter

Seriously, that stuff gets everywhere. 

Once you open the bottle, there is just no stopping it. It is on your hands, in your hair, on the floor. You carry it out on your clothes and dust it off in shops while waiting in line. And just when you think it is gone, you find it a week later when you decide to sweep under that basket you have been avoiding. It is there, just waiting to to catch the light and sparkle again. 

Hope is like that, too. You catch the sparkle. You start to think about what can be and dream beyond your current circumstances. That kind of hope can’t stay contained. You start to wipe it all over others, like my three-year-old after she got into my craft supplies. The wind will blow it off of you and into those dark corners waiting to be found again. Hope is…hopeful like that. 

I got to meet with someone today that poured glitter all over my heart, y’all.  We have been working so hard on upping our game with our business, but not seeing any real fruit. Discouragement was starting to settle in, and I was starting to question our value, so I decided to reach out. I asked a friend who has a successful business in the industry what she was doing differently. She gave me some fabulous advice, and showed that she valued not only our brand, but also me as a person. By the end of our conversation, I was so full of excitement. I found that spark of hope again. I shared much of out conversation with the Him of Him & Her and he caught that excitement, too. 

We are going to keep working on sharing our images with the world. We are going to keep reaching out to brides and families that value our creative energy. We are going to do everything we can to bring you the best photography experience that we can, because we are worth it and they are worth it. You may notice some changes in our website, our posts, and even the way we do business, but all of these changes are getting to the heart of what we do and why we do it. 

And just maybe, we can spread a little glitter your way. 


Him & Her Photography is a husband and wife photographer team that serves the greater Greensboro and Winston-Salem area, as well as the Roanoke Valley and beyond. 

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