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Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

We met up with Abby and Bill in Morganton NC for their engagement session. We drove all the way to the top of the mountain to the Hidden Hill Venue and got the most amazing colors and views! Fall is a crazy busy season for photographers for this reason. Here are some tips to help you book during fall:

  1. Watch foliage predictor maps.
  2. Book early.
  3. Trust your photographer to find the best locations.
  4. Consider your wardrobe.
  5. Be patient.

Tip 1: Watch the fall foliage predictor maps:

Meteorologists have been watching weather patterns and patterns in the leaves for a long time. They have gotten pretty good at predicting when the leaves will peak and where. For many of our counties in Western North Carolina, the leaves changing is very important to their tourism economy, so they don’t take these maps lightly. This is a great resource at Blue Ridge Mountain Life

This Morganton NC Engagement Session happened just as the leaves were starting to peak.

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

Tip 2: Book Early and try to be flexible

There is a saying that photographer’s October is like bookkeeper’s April – we get busy! In fact, we had at least one wedding booked for every weekend in October (and into November!) before we even got to January!  Our time is limited and precious during this time of year. Not to mention we try to carve out a little time for our own families to enjoy this season together. If you are looking for a Saturday engagement or family session in October, that is very unlikely to happen. Weekday evenings will be your best chance to book a session, so please be flexible with your session time.

One of favorite things to do this time of year in Morganton NC besides engagement sessions is to take our family to Apple Hill Orchards!

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

Tip 3: Trust your photographer to find the best locations

This time of year – your favorite leaf-peeping locations are going to be swarmed with people. In fact, certain locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway have been shut down to photographers due to the extreme foot traffic. It is our job to research out the best locations and to know if there are any permits required for those locations. We want to take out clients to beautiful locations with amazing lighting and little interference. We will happily take your suggestions about where you would like to be photographed, but we may have to adjust those locations for a variety of reasons. Private property is always an excellent choice if you own the property or know the owner! Just like in the previous tip – be flexible.

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

Tip 4: Consider your wardrobe

Abby and Bill absolutely killed it in their outfits! Thankfully we did not have far to walk to get this amazing view. If you are hoping for an exciting mountaintop location that will require hiking, please be prepared and dress according to the hike, not the photoshoot. If our location will take a little effort to get to, we always recommend bringing an outfit change. When in doubt, just ask! We don’t mind offering any outfit advice!

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

Tip 5: Be patient.

We know you are so eager to see your photos! Trust us, we can’t wait for you to see them, too! The careful planning it took to capture your beautiful photos will require equally careful editing. We want to make sure those gorgeous fall colors pop and that your skin tones are warm and glowing! As we said before, this time of year is busy and getting your gallery back may take a little longer than normal. Please be patient and know we are just as excited as you are!

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

Engement sessions this time of year are absolutely magical. We love spending time in the great outdoors this time of year with out couples. We always try to go bigger, get more creative, and curate stunning images to hold on to forever. If you would like to see more information on planning for your engagement session, check out this blog post Preparing for Your Engagement Session.

Morganton NC Wedding Photographers Morganton NC Wedding Photographers

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